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Sawtech has compiled this health and Safety Policy & Program to form the basis for all its employees.

The management of Sawtech considers the prevention of injuries and the good health practices an integral part of day to day operation. Sawtech will give every effort to consider these practices when planning and operating all company activities to help strive against accidents and injuries. All levels of supervision have a personal and individual responsibility for the safety of persons whom report to them. Each employee must make a personal commitment, through the observance of safety practices and the reporting of unsafe working conditions, to make a significant contribution toward their own safety and that of their fellow workers.

To implement this policy Sawtech will consider all accidents and illness preventive measures to be important to the Company. Sawtech provides, as reasonable as possible, the safe and healthy operation of its employees, equipment and facilities, maintaining adequate first aid facilities, maintaining training/educational programs on health and safety operating procedures. Sawtech will also ensure employees work in a safe manner, observe regulations set out, and use safety equipment provided.

Sawtech will comply with the occupational Health and Safety Act and all other related legislated requirements.

Accidents, as a result of unsafe acts or working conditions or failure to obey safe practices, will not be tolerated and must be kept to an absolute minimum. Every employee must be encouraged to think and act in terms of their own safety and the safety of others when carrying out their tasks. Management directs that all employees conduct themselves as outlined in this manual and that the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act are used as a minimum standard only.