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Core Drilling
core drillingCore drilling is used when a job calls for the drilling of circular holes in reinforced concrete, precast concrete, asphalt, brick, cinderblocks and other structural materials. Most often the holes are made for electrical, plumbing, heating, sewer and sprinkler installations. Other applications include holes to anchor bolts or lifting rods, to place explosive charges, to install load-carrying devices like dowel bars, or for analysis of the structure or rock.

Core bits consist of the bit tube which incorporates diamond segments or full crown. The bits are mounted on a rotating shaft powered by rig mounted drilling machine, or a hand held drill.
  • Drilling in pavement, walls, ceilings, roofs or sloping surfaces

  • Dimensions from 3/4" diameter to 18" diameter

  • Drill depths to your specifications

  • All depths can be achieved with extensions

  • Drilling at any angle

Concrete Slab Cutting

This service is used when reasonably level and flat surfaces have to be cut and includes cutting through reinforced concrete, precast concrete, and other structural materials. It is typically done to provide expansion joints, to make openings for ducts, elevators, stair wells, machine pads, to cut trenches for conduits and plumbing, and for demolition purposes. Applications include floors, roofs, bridge decks and suspended slabs.
  • Cutting to 15" depth on floors or suspended slabs

Asphalt Cutting

Cutting through asphalt is usually done for trenching, to provide expansion joints, to remove damaged pavement sections prior to patching or to clean and prepare random cracks for repair. Asphalt cutting for traffic loop installation.
  • Cutting up to 15" deep on any roadway

  • Propane or gas powered saws

  • Radio dispatched trucks

  • Flag men supplied

Concrete Wall Cutting

Vertical surfaces and surfaces with slopes so great that flat saws cannot be used are perfect applications for wall saws. Most frequently openings are cut for doors, windows, vaults, silos, chests, foundations, ducts or large diameter pipes or to remove part or all of existing walls. Work is done on newly poured concrete as well as structures being remodeled or rehabilitated.
  • Cutting to 42" depth on a wall

Demolition and Removal Services

Diamond cutting and drilling technology can provide greater speed, versatility, precision and significant cost savings compared with conventional impact methods. It can reduce or eliminate traffic obstruction, allow work in a restricted area or avoid vibration where necessary.
  • Bobcat skid steerer complete with a hydraulic breaker for breaking up concrete floors/walls for demolition and removal

  • Dump Truck services available to hall concrete debris from work site.

Crane Truck Service

Removal of concrete pieces with a lift truck.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are contracted in some situations such as:
  • Remote locations

  • Budget pricing

  • Special projects, etc...